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Prevention Services


Drug/Alcohol Prevention Education:

The curriculum SODAT uses not only addresses the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol usage, but the underlying issues that lead to substance abuse as well. Our program is geared toward active participation and involvement rather than just lecturing from the facilitator.



(Children of Substance Abusers): Support groups for children (age 5-17) who have been affected by their parentís substance abuse. Parental participation is not required. A childís recovery does not depend on a parentís sobriety.



(Teens Learning to Care) Teen Center: located in the Deptford Mall, the center provides positive alternatives to substance abuse by offering drug/alcohol-free activities to at-risk youth, peer tutoring, parenting skills, Children of Divorce/Separation support groups, movie night, drop-in services, crisis counseling, anger management workshops and counseling, date rape prevention workshops, and other significant issues are addressed when identified by participating youth.


Cognitive Behavioral Skills:

Teaches participating adolescents new life skills in an effort to provide them with alternative methods and options to deal with their anger, frustration, and perceived lack of choices.

This project will help youth understand and evaluate their behaviors, allow them to develop new ways of thinking, and practice learned strategies in real life situations. The Cognitive Behavioral Skills Group deals with issues including self-esteem; learning from our mistakes; decision making; keys to communication; self-control; dealing with conflict and conflict styles; positive and negative assertive behaviors; anger management; how to deal with accusations; moral reasoning; understanding wants and needs; personal action plan on how to be successful.


Strengthening Families:

This evidenced based prevention program includes both the parents and the children (age 11 Ė 17). Support groups assist the parents and children in joining together as they incorporate protective factors into their family systems.


Project P.A.S.S.:

Project PASS is a to reduce or prevent school suspension and expulsions. Students that have been suspended continue their educational requirements while spending the school day at SODAT.

The target population for Project P.A.S.S. (Positive Alternatives to School Suspension) is seventh through twelfth grade students who have been or are at-risk of being suspended from school. This program will provide these students with ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug) prevention education, life/social skills training, such as anger management; communication and interpersonal skills; moral reasoning; information on problem solving; developing empathy; family living; work-related skills; personal awareness issues; understanding self in an effort to prevent and reduce future suspensions and expulsions.

When a student is suspended from school, he/she is often left home unsupervised because many parents work. Not only does this result in academic failure, school drop out, and further disconnection from the educational process, but it also allows for increased ATOD use and increased criminal and violent behavior. By offering alternative programs and strategies, we can reduce some of the factors that lead to poverty and crime by increasing the probability of high school graduations.


Anger Management:

SODAT offers Anger Management groups for adolescents.  We use the SAMHSA approved curriculum for the 10 week sessions.  This program is offered in the Teen Center of the Deptford Mall.


Positive Action:

Positive Action is a science based program that has been proven to be effective in making positive changes, including increased academic achievement, attendance, positive behavior, decreased violence, decreased drug use, and a decreased sense of alienation and distraction. Positive Action is appropriate for children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 18 and provides age appropriate curricula for each individual grade level. Those who complete the Positive Action program will improve academic performance, including improved academic scores, attendance, and behavior and decreased school suspensions; decrease alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and intentions to use; increase protective factors; improve self-concept; decrease violent and delinquent behaviors; and increase parental involvement with their children at home and with school/community activities.




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